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Lighting Maintenance

Light shines the way. Whether its safety concerns in a parking lot, the ability to navigate a warehouse or just to read the morning memo we will make sure the lights shine bright.

Eco Purpose- Recycling
Cleaning is not our only livelihood but it has become a larger purpose for us as well. We are determined to deliver the highest class of service and finished product without doing harm to the environment. Early in our company’s development, we decided that this was an important responsibility. South Florida is our home and we intend to care for it. We will continue to strive to lower our carbon footprint & assist our customers in doing the same.

  • Recycle compact florescent light bulb
  • Recycle 48"Standard Fluorescent Light Bulbs (regular & trimline)
  • Recycle 96" Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Recycle Fluorescent Ballast
  • Recycle Mercury Vapor/HID bulbs
  • Recycle U-bend fluorescent light bulbs
  • Recycle batteries
  • Recycle U-bend fluorescent light bulbs
  • Recycle Paint
  • Aluminum and scrap metal
  • Recycle hazardous solvents
  • Recycle materials whenever possible
  • All employees use GPS to route efficient planning to reduce emissions

 If it squeaks leaks or has been broken for weeks, we can handle it. Little nuisances can become larger problems if unattended. Call us for a preventative maintenance plan as well as for any issues you may currently have.