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Strip & Waxing VCT Floors

It’s your turf and we respect that. Scuffs, grit & grime won’t be hanging around for long well make sure of it.

Tile Floor Care:
Strip and wax, Scrub and wax all VCT and hard floor tiles as needed to maintain clean and well maintained condition.


  • Remove dirt, debris, and all wax from the surface of the VCT.
  • Apply new coats of wax to the VCT.
  • Remove surface debris such as gum, trash, and dirt.  Apply a solution of chemical stripper to dissolve oils and wax.  The solution is agitated with an aggressive scrubbing pad driven by a low speed buffer or auto scrubber.  The solution dissolves all the wax and other buildup. Rinse with water. Apply four to five coats of finish, allowing the floor to dry between coats.
  • This finish should last up to a year or more depending on your traffic and daily maintenance.

Follow up with High Speed Buffing from once per week to once per month depending on your traffic and daily maintenance.

This process is quicker and not so messy. First the floor is sweep and mopped (no need to move furniture). Then we run a high-speed buffing machine on the floor (2000-RPM). This process will harden the wax, remove tiny scratches and bring a high gloss finish to the floor.


  • Removes accumulated grime
  • Restores original finish without full strip and wax & gets rid of scrapes and dents in the finish

Depending on your traffic and daily maintenance, we suggest this service from one to four times per year. With this process, we again ask you to move everything from the floor. Then we properly clean the floor, apply a scrubbing agent, scrub the floor using a heavy pad and an automatic floor scrubbing machine to remove one to several coats of old wax and dirt. We then follow up by reapplying enough coats of wax to renew the finish.